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2014 – Steam Turbine Generator Piping

Pipe Fabrication and Installation

  • Mechanical installations (agitators, pumps, motors and vessels)

  • Major structural prefabrication and installation

  • Hired structual contractor

  • X-ray and hydro testing

  • Commissioning

 Project Duration: 9 Months




2016 – City of Prince George Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Pre-fabrication of stainless steel piping

  • Onsite changeout of skum skimmers

  • Installation of trickle filter piping

  • Installation of overhead crane

Project Duration: 6 Months




2016 –  Shut Down Work for Hydroelectric Dam

Completed work for a scheduled shut down as well as installing new lines improve functionality of the project as a whole

  • Installation of pipe

  • Major structural prefabrication and installation

  • Commissioning of work

Project Duration: 2 Months

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